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Are you feeling adventurous? Well, I hope you are. Because that’s what vegan hot sauce will do! It will take your taste buds on a one-way journey to flavour town. Plant-based hot sauce is already a staple in many parts of the world, and it is growing in popularity every day in the UK. Its different flavours and consistency know no bounds. Every true foodie should have a bottle of vegan hot sauce in their cupboard.

The Benefits Of Hot Sauce

As we all know organic hot sauce is spicy. What you might not know is that spicy food (and hot sauce) has some great health benefits! It’s full of antioxidants and vitamins (largely due to the main ingredient, the chilli peppers). And we all know about the old wives' tale about hot spicy food helping keep away the common cold! 

The History Of Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce goes back to ancient times when the Mayans used to mix water and chilli peppers together. It wasn’t long until vinegar and spices were added to create an even hotter sauce. Fast forward to the 19th century and the infamous Tabasco company made plant-based hot sauce more mainstream by bottling their product for the wider public.

Plant-based hot sauce has now become so popular that almost every culture across the planet has its own version. See for yourself with this handy guide to hot sauces from around the world! 

Guide To Vegan Hot Sauces

Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

The most common one of this type is Tabasco. It’s a simple vegan organic hot sauce that goes great with anything because it’s not too strong. This vegan hot sauce also can be used as a condiment and to put in your cooking. 


This very popular vegan hot sauce originated in the town of Si Racha in Thailand. Easy to see where they got the name from right? It’s made up of red chillies, garlic sugar, vinegar and salt and this vegan hot sauce is incredibly versatile. It’s not just Asian cuisine it works well on, but many others as well. 


Hailing from North Africa, this vegan hot sauce is one of the best hot sauces to add to many dishes. It’s a thick paste that is made from chillies, herbs and spices and also works great as a marinade for tofu. You can also try stirring this vegan hot sauce into hummus for a bit of extra flavour.

Chilli Oil

You have probably seen this vegan hot sauce on the table at either Italian or Chinese restaurants. This dark red liquid is generally made of ground dried chillies, peppercorns and lots of spices. It’s then soaked in vegetable or sesame oil before it’s bottled. It is a great condiment to add to pasta dishes, stir-fries or even salads. A super versatile vegan hot sauce that belongs in every spice-lover’s cupboard. 


A very well known vegan hot sauce in the UK! Many people would consider it to be the best hot sauce. Originally from Portugal, the peri-peri sauce actually gets its name from the Birds Eye Chile. This is also called ‘Piri Piri’ which in Swahili means ‘pepper pepper.’ This vegan hot sauce works great as a condiment with many dishes, or as a marinade as well.


Now, we know we are steering off into different territory, but let’s be honest, mustard is a hot sauce! And what’s more, most mustards are vegan, so we dare to call it a vegan hot sauce. They are made up of mustard seeds, vinegar, salts, and occasionally spices or sugar. The main thing to watch out for is honey, so make sure to always read the label.


Can you really call it a Sunday roast if you don’t have horseradish? And although horseradish itself is a root vegetable, and 100% vegan (neigh, it doesn't contain any horse) unfortunately many companies add dairy products to it. That’s why here at PlantX we have 100% vegan alternatives, or it’s also very easy to make your own! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all hot sauces vegan?

Unfortunately not. As you are well aware it will depend on the ingredients and the process in which it’s made. The general base of hot sauce is chilli peppers, vinegar and spices, but sometimes companies will add things like honey, milk or non-vegan food dye. Here at PlantX we only have vegan hot sauce, but at the supermarket, it’s always best to check the label to make sure you get a 100% vegan hot sauce.

What is the spiciest chilli pepper in the world?

Looking to find a vegan hot sauce that will knock out your tastebuds? Believe it or not, there is actually a universal measurement that is used around the world to check the spiciness of chilli peppers. It’s known as the Scoville Scale. And the hottest chilli in the world is the Carolina Reaper. Recorded as 2,2000,000 Scoville Heat Units. We’re yet to find a vegan hot sauce made purely from this chilli! 

Chilli. Chili. Or Chile. How do I spell it?

There are many different spellings that describe chilli peppers, it generally depends on the region. Here on the back of a bottle of hot sauce in the UK, we tend to opt for chilli. With that said, I’m sure people will know what you're saying regardless! 

Does vegan hot sauce contain vinegar?

Some vegan hot sauces contain vinegar, it preserves the chilli peppers and adds acidity. Check the label to make sure you get a vegan hot sauce according to your taste preference.

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