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Until recently, there has been little choice in the type of dishwasher pods we can choose to buy and use. But, natural, organic, and vegan dishwasher tablets are now more available than ever before, and their popularity amongst consumers is steadily rising. 

Here, we explain the benefits of using organic dishwasher tablets, and answer some of the questions that are most frequently asked about plant-based dishwasher pods! 

What are plant-based dishwasher tablets?

Plant-based dishwasher tablets are basically the same as standard or conventional dishwasher tablets, with one big difference. They contain little to zero amounts of any harmful or poisonous chemicals, which makes them friendlier to us and the environment! 

Conventional dishwasher tablets can contain high amounts of harsh chemicals that are not good for us, our environment, our water, or our aquatic plants and fish. Lots of the chemicals used in conventional dishwasher tablets do not fully dissolve. 

This leaves traces of the chemicals in our water, rivers, seas, and soil. These chemicals and the residues that they leave behind can be extremely harmful. 

Vegan dishwasher tablets and organic dishwasher tablets, use no harsh chemicals and contain no phosphates. Phosphates are particularly harmful and have previously been banned from detergents in the UK and other countries. This is because of the risks that they pose. They can infiltrate streams and rivers, starving fish of oxygen, and creating blooms of algae that upset the delicate balances in aquatic life and aquatic plants. When you buy plant-based dishwasher tablets you can put your dishwasher on safe in the knowledge that your dishwasher tablets will release none of these harmful chemicals.

Top dish-washer tablets to try

Bio-D - Dishwasher Powder

Bio-D brings us an ecological dishwasher powder, that's hypoallergenic too! Bio-D’s Dishwasher Powder has been ethically made with no chemicals, just sustainable, biodegradable materials. This cruelty-free dishwasher powder has been certified by Allergy UK, and is packaged in a recyclable tub! One tub provides up to 72 washes, just use one level scoop in each load for sparkling dishes and cutlery - the natural way! 

Ecover - Classic Dishwasher Tablets XL

Ecover’s Classic Dishwasher Tablets are made with plant-based and biodegradable compounds and ingredients. Removes dried on food and leaves no residue behind, just squeaky clean dishes and smear free glass wear! Contains no phosphates, chlorine, or parabens, and is suitable for sensitive skin. These dishwasher tablets are scented with refreshing lemon and lime, and they are also certified cruelty-free! Each pack contains 70 dishwasher tablets. 

Ecover - All In One Dishwasher Tablets (Small & Large)

Ecover’s All in One Dishwasher Tablets are made from 100% plant-based and biodegradable ingredients, and include salt and rinse aid! Beautifully scented with lemon and mandarin, each plant-based dishwasher tablet provides a plant-powered pre-soaking action that will leave your dishes, cutlery, and glassware sparkling! Available in boxes of 22 or 68 dishwasher tablets, all packaged in a recyclable cardboard box. 

The impact on our environment from dishwasher tablets

The positive impact that eco-friendly, sustainable and natural dishwasher tablets can have on our environment is huge. They reduce the amount of pollution in rivers and streams, leaving our waterways fresh and clean so that fish and other aquatic life can survive and bloom in their habitats. 

Dishwasher pods are one of the most commonly bought everyday items all over the globe, that's a lot of plastic! Eco-friendly dishwasher pods are made from recycled and sustainable materials. This material will also be biodegradable or recyclable. This has a major impact on the amount of pollution created when manufacturing plastic, plus it reduces the amount of single-use plastic that we use. 

Although dishwasher tablets are not tested on animals, sometimes the ingredients that are found in conventional dishwasher pods will be. Natural dishwasher tablets are not tested on animals, and contain no ingredients that are either! 

Not only are plant-based dishwasher pods better for our planet and aquatic and wildlife, but they're better for our health too! Daily exposure to harmful chemicals may have an impact on our bodies and our health. Choose organic dishwasher tablets and plant-based dishwasher tablets to be on the safe side.

How are eco-friendly dishwasher pods useful in today's society?

As people are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, consumers are making better, more earth-friendly choices. And it's not just the big choices that can have a positive impact on our environment, the little ones count too! 

One small change, such as buying vegan dishwasher tablets and natural dishwasher tablets, can collectively have a much wider spread, positive impact. 

As awareness of pollution and its impact on climate change grows around the world, so do the consumer's needs for more earth-friendly, plant-powered products. We are a fast-moving and fast-evolving race. 

Consumers want convenient, no-fuss products that do their job. They now have the added choice of being able to do all of this sustainably, whilst reducing their own carbon footprint, and ultimately leading to a better environment and future for us all. Choosing eco-friendly dishwasher tablets might not seem like a big contribution, but it all adds up and we only have one planet! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do natural dishwasher tablets work?

Natural dishwasher tablets work in the exact same way as conventional dishwasher pods. They contain minerals and plant-based ingredients that will break down the grease and dried on food stains. 

Conventional dishwasher pods use harsh chemicals for this process, but plant-powered ingredients work just as well if not better than the leading conventional dishwasher pod ingredients. Simply pop a plant-based dishwasher pod into your machine, set the cycle as normal, and prepare to be amazed! 

Do plant-based dishwasher pods dissolve quickly?

Yes, they do! All of the ingredients that go into making natural dishwasher tablets are plant-based and fully biodegradable. This means there will be no undesirable residue left on your plates, cutlery, or glasses, in your dishwasher, or in the water! 

By using organic dishwasher tablets, you can also keep your dishwasher cleaner. Even on the inside of your dishwasher, in the parts of the machine that you cannot see, there will be a residue and build-up that can eventually lead to your dishwasher breaking down. 

By using vegan dishwasher tablets, the amount of residue left behind after each wash will be reduced, thus lengthening the life of your dishwasher! 

Are dishwasher tablets better than liquid dishwasher detergent?

Organic dishwasher pods are perceived to be better than a standard conventional liquid due to the ingredients that go into making them. They can also reduce waste and mess! 

If you are looking for a no-mess alternative to dishwasher liquid, then vegan dishwasher tablets may be for you. Easy to use and no measuring! Just pop one into your dishwasher's tablet or powder compartment and run your cycle as usual.

Can I use baking soda instead of dishwasher tablets?

If you accidentally run out of dishwasher tablets, you can use baking soda instead! Simply fill your dishwashers compartment, and add a few drops of washing up liquid (that’s strictly just a few drops, you don’t want your kitchen turned into a foam party). This works great in an emergency! However, baking soda alone will not give you the same great cleaning action or shine as organic dishwasher tablets can! 

Plant-based dishwasher pods contain lots of natural plant-powered enzymes and compounds that help to cut through dirt, grease, and dried-on food. Organic dishwasher tablets are also scented with natural fragrances, and plant-based agents that will leave your dishwasher fresh, and smelling amazing!

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