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Smooth and Creamy Coconut Alternatives

Used in kitchens and restaurants all over the world, good vegan coconut milk and coconut cream are a must. By having some at home, you open yourself to a world of culinary delights like coconut whipped cream, rice, soup, and most especially curries!

But, of course, these two ingredients go beyond just Indian cuisine. Organic coconut cream and coconut milk can substitute dairy in loads of recipes. Since coconuts do have a distinct taste, you may be wondering what to do for them to not take over your dishes. The solution is already quite simple and already here in the shop!

Vegan coconut milk and organic coconut cream can come in unsweetened variants. If you prefer not to have the additional sweetness that comes with coconuts, then that’s what you need to get.

It’s always better to get the right product for the job. While coconut milk and coconut cream can be used interchangeably, they won’t exactly do the exact same thing as the other. That’s why options still exist and recipes specify which one you need or which works better.

Organic Coconut Cream vs Organic Coconut Milk

Here’s where we get to the important bit. What’s the difference between the two coconut products?

Vegan coconut cream is the thicker version of the two. This is the one you’d make dairy-free whipped creams with. If you’re more into baking, having organic coconut cream may be more beneficial for your kitchen. You can also use this to thicken curries and even some soups and even pasta sauces. If you want to get really good coconut cream, make sure you get one without the additives and preservatives (which some manufacturers use to make it creamier).

Here are some coconut creams that we like and 100% recommend you try out!

  • Biona’s Organic Coconut Cream is straightforward. This is a rich, full-bodied, and creamy alternative to regular, dairy-based cream. It got no preservatives and additives, making it a wonderfully tasty addition to soups and curries.
  • Biona’s Organic Creamed Coconut is a little bit different. Also known as coconut butter, this semi-solid paste has rich coconut flavour and a creamy texture. You can use it to swap out coconut milk or even other milks in recipes that call for them.

Vegan coconut milk is more similar to regular milk in terms of consistency. You get a wide range of use for organic coconut milk in terms of cooking as it can be used for a plethora of soups, sauces, and savoury dishes. It can also replace the dairy in your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Coconut milk can also add flavour and substance to healthy smoothies!

  • Cocofina’s Organic Coconut Milk comes in two variations. One is regular, the other is light. Both are organic and free from any additives. Use it for cooking soups and sauces or pour some in coffee to add richness.
  • Essential’s Organic Coconut Milk is a great all-arounder. It’s made from pressed fresh coconut kernels and contains zero preservatives and stabilisers. This handy dandy coconut milk can be used for sweet and savoury recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace coconut cream with milk or vice versa?

That’s a great question! You totally can. Get ready for this money-saving kitchen hack: you can switch out one for the other. If you add a few tablespoons of water to your coconut cream, you can make coconut milk.

If you want to make coconut cream out of organic coconut milk, simply refrigerate it in a bowl overnight. Scoop up the “creamy” part on top of the milk and, voila, you have cream!

Do note that it may be more taxing to make cream out of coconut milk than it is the other way around. It’s not necessarily a deal-breaker but it’s something to keep in mind if you need a lot!

What can you do with coconut milk?

If you’re looking for sweet ideas, make ice cream or some yoghurt using coconut milk. Oh, and waffles! Make a stack of pancakes or some toasty waffles with organic coconut milk.

If you’re browsing for savoury ideas, coconut milk can make fluffy coconut rice, delicious soups, and traditional curries.

If you’re in the drinks department, coconut milk can substitute cow’s milk in blends and crews. It can also thicken smoothies and add sweetness and flavour to the tea. Lastly, you can also use coconut milk to make delicious cocktails!

Do organic coconut cream and organic coconut milk taste the same?

They taste quite similar - which is why you can swap out one for the other in most cases. The main difference is in their texture. Vegan coconut cream, as you can guess from the name, is thicker than organic coconut milk.

About the taste… yes, they do have a coconutty taste - usually. You may be able to find some that have a reduced coconut flavour. Most people don’t mind and actually love the taste of coconut milk and coconut cream!

One great tip is to taste some before using coconut milk or coconut cream. Do this whenever you’re trying other, new brands since not all of them may be made the same!

Do vegan coconut cream and organic coconut milk spoil quickly?

They do. So best not to leave them at room temp once you’ve opened them. What they’re called is a great indication of how to store them - they’re cream and milk! Store opened cans or jars of coconut cream and coconut milk in the fridge - that’s always best. 

If you have unopened cans, they’re usually fine at room temp. It’s only when they’re open that they are more perishable.

It’s always ideal that you finish coconut cream and not leave any leftovers. One great tip is to turn it into coconut milk! That’s because you can pour coconut milk into ice cube trays to make some delicious iced coffees.

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